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Patio Chair Slings | Outdoor Furniture Sling Repairs

Sling Clearance Chair Replacement Sale !


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Offering the LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED on Patio Replacement Slings for your Outdoor Sling Chairs, Ottomans, Patio Sling Love Seat and any other Patio Replacement Sling or Outdoor Replacement Sling you can provide us measurements with to get your Sling Patio Set back in style! Patio Direct offers the HIGHEST QUALITY Outdoor Custom Replacement Slings to repair or replace your outdoor patio furniture slings on your chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, love seats or ANY other sling you would like to replace --  with all of our slings custom made for you personally, from the highest quality outdoor furniture fabric, also having the largest selection of quality durable sling fabrics as of this year to give you the best selection to bring your outdoor furniture sling seating surface back to new -- or even if your old slings are still in "good condition", you can achieve a BRAND NEW look for your outdoor patio, pool, lawn. patio etc. sling furniture sets. Your replacement sling may also be sometimes called "mesh" or "webbing" or "seating surface" or "cloth".

We have been the Original Manufacturer of many, if not all the repair and replacement slings you see online for Patio Sets, Chair, Chaise Lounge, Ottoman, Love Seat, etc. for ANY outdoor patio, pool, garden furniture sets you see on the market today including the top selling companys you see on your search engine. All our Patio Furniture Repair Replacement slings are made right here in our Factory leaving you with the top of the line service and quality as well as the fastest response time on your order to get your Patio Sets back in BRAND NEW shape with the newest 2014 Fabric selection faster than anyone guaranteed!

Proudly specializing in custom outdoor patio furniture guaranteeing the highest quality products and satisfying customers for over 28 years!

Questions regarding replacement slings?  Click Here.

Helpful Hints for Replacement Slings

There are no cancellations of orders on custom replacement slings that have already been cut. Please follow the old adage ...  "Measure Twice -- Cut Once".

Depending on the original manufacturer of  furniture and the age of the old slings (mesh fabric), installing new slings can be a couple hour job or as little as several minutes -- to 4 or 5 hour job for 4 chairs.   Very old slings (mesh fabric or webbing fabric) often are ripped, frayed or mildewed and the old plastic splines can be extremely brittle. 

Step 1:  Measure for the new sling.

To measure for new slings -- we recommend taking the width measurement while the old slings are still on -- and by measuring from Outside channel to outside channel (click for example) of the two rails to the nearest 1/4".  The length can usually be taken off the old sling.  We rarely use the width measurement by only measuring old slings once they are removed -- as we have found that the old slings have typically stretched quite a bit or are torn -- and if new slings are this same width as the removed sling -- they are  too loose.  When you order your slings from Patio Direct, always provide your width first -- then the length (width" x length")

Step 2:  Remove the sling rail end caps (save the end caps).

Take care not to damage the original sling rail caps (plastic covers over the end of the sling rails) when you remove them (you'll need to remove them from both ends of the sling rails).  Depending on the manufacturer and color of your frames, matching plastic caps may be difficult to find.  We offer replacement plastic caps in a variety of shapes and sizes on our web page for repair parts -- but most "after market" replacements are only available in a white or black color.

Step 3:  Remove the old sling and Spreader Bars.

Sometimes getting the slings out of the rails can be a difficult task.  If the old slings are very old and have been in the sun a lot,  the plastic splines will likely be very brittle, extremely stiff -- and break in chunks as you try to slide the old sling out of the rail.  The new slings and splines, you will find, will slide in very easily -- especially compared to getting the old ones out.  Slit the old sling fabric in the middle -- then remove each side of the old sling.  Remove the spreader bar(s) that are metal bars that are positioned between the sling rails.

Step 4:  Install the new splines into the sling.

You need to first install the new splines in the side hems of the new slings that fit into the sling rails.  Feed the spline on one end  -- and the spline should feed completely through.  Patio Direct supplies 1/4" (0.250") spline unless specified.

Step 5:  Install the new sling.

Install on side of the sling into one of the sling rails (not both) -- then, after the sling is installed on one side,  remove that sling rail completely from the chair -- then install the new sling into the other sling rail that is still on the chair frame.  Finally, mount the loose sling rail back to the chair frame.  You can gradually pull the fabric tight to the ends of the sling rails by carefully gripping the ends of the fabric near the ends of the sling rail and tugging slightly as you tighten the sling rail to the frame.

Step 6:  Re-Install the spreader bars.

Putting the new sling in and re-assembling a chair is usually not a big job -- but sometimes re-installing the spreader bars can be the most difficult step.  The purpose of the spreader bar is to keep the sling fabric taught -- so it will be a "muscle job" to get it in.  Manufacturers and and furniture repair centers -- like Patio Direct -- have special tools to spread the frame and install these spreader bars in (typically -- a chair has "two" -- one on the back and top of the chair back -- the second is sometimes just under the seating surface.   A homeowner installing slings can duplicate the intent of special spreader bar tools by cutting a 2x4 so that the two pieces end-to-end are just larger than the inside width of the sling rails.  Install a cheap hinge where the two pieces of the cut 2x4's meet -- so that when this "make-shift" tool is between the sling rails -- it makes kind of a "V".  Once the the slings are installed and the sling rails bolted to the chair frame -- place your "make-shift" tool near where the spreader bars are to be installed -- and "push in" on the "V" -- and you should be able to get the frame to spread enough to get the spreader bar in.  Don't be surprised that you will need to put a significant amount of force on your "make-shift" tool to spread the frame sufficiently for the spreader bars to be installed.  Beside getting the old slings out -- this is the more difficult part of the job -- and can be a bit dangerous.

Here's another "helpful hint" -- the new slings need to be stretched in length also -- so that there are no wrinkles in the fabric where the sling rails curve more sharply.  Again, manufacturers and furniture repair centers like Patio Direct have other special tools to grip and stretch the fabric -- but you can make a  tool by wrapping duct tape around the jaws of vise grip pliers.  Clamp the vise grips on the fabric -- and pull at the sling ends closest to the sling rail (loosen the sling rail from the frame).  Take special care in this process -- as it is very easy to rip the fabric if you pull to hard.  Even the manufacturer occasionally rips the new sling during this process -- and has to discard it and try again with a new sling -- so be VERY CAREFUL.  A few wrinkles will not hurt the fabric or it's function -- but a ripped sling can be very upsetting.

Step 7:  Trim excess spline and install sling rail end caps.

Trim the excess spline with a utility knife or side cutting pliers.  Re-install the sling rail caps you saved from Step 2.  If your sling rail caps could not be saved, we offer replacement plastic caps in a variety of shapes and sizes on our web page for repair parts -- but most "after market" replacements are only available in a white or black color.

Questions regarding replacement slings?  Click Here.

Sling Type

Sling Set Price / Sling Set
Dining Chair or Bar Chair Sling One Sling $38.00

** $5 extra for Premium Fabrics

Chaise Lounge Slings Two Slings -- Back & Seat $76.00

** $10 extra for Premium Fabrics

Recliner Slings Two Slings -- Back & Seat $62.00

** $10 extra for Premium Fabrics

Ottoman or Foot Rest Sling or Hassock Sling One Sling $23.00

** $5 extra for Premium Fabrics

Loveseat or Loveseat Glider Two Chair Slings $76.00

** $10 extra for Premium Fabrics

There is a Flat Rate Shipping and Handling Fee of $15 total for all sling orders!

Slings and Sling Sets include new splines  -- 1/4" spline unless specified

Order your new slings from Patio Direct at cjmreddog@aol.com or call  866-278-6708

Click Here for Patio Direct Sling Fabric Selections

Questions regarding replacement slings?  Click Here.

We make replacement slings for nearly all manufacturers of patio and pool furniture -- including the following brand names:


- Brown Jordan

- Carter Grandle

- Casual Creations

- Lloyd Flanders

- Halcyon

- Hampton Bay

- Lyon Shaw

- Mallin

- Martha Stewart (including the Montecito collection)

- Prestige

- Pride

- Samsonite

- Suncoast

- Telescope

- Tropitone

- Windward

- Winston

- Woodard

Click Here for Patio Direct Sling Fabric Selections


Questions regarding replacement slings?  Click Here.

There are no cancellations of orders on custom replacement slings that have already been cut. Please follow the old adage ...  "Measure Twice -- Cut Once".


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